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Edge of Jazz     

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Why ‘Edge of Jazz’?

David Treharne in 1985Trying to define jazz in the twenty first century is impossible. Like most other musical forms it has fused and mutated into many different shapes and styles which now defy any form of categorisation. So rather than answer the question “What sort of music gets played on the show?” it’s easier not to attempt a single answer and simply reply ”It’s on the edge of jazz!”

In any case the presenter has a predilection for what used to be called “Soul”, “Deep Soul” “Blues” and that much maligned term “R&B” as well as styles that might be more readily recognised by older jazz cognoscenti (but doesn’t play traditional jazz for reasons that are both complicated and another story!)

Without apology the show is about what the presenter wants to hear and listen to and perhaps most of all, enjoy!

David Treharne - photo by Jenna Richards

Who presents the show?

Dave Treharne (aka. Dr David Treharne) has been broadcasting since 1984 playing either blues or jazz on stations as diverse as DevonAir, Gemini, Jazz FM and what is now KSSJ Sacramento. After working as a University Lecturer he then, rather unexpectedly, became Chair of Exeter City AFC and then of His main inheritance has been a CD collection of enormous proportions.

"Ambitious alternative radio coupled with fantastic music"

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